2020 – Quietly Waking Up

This year certainly went in a different direction than I expected. I meant to get back to you all in April about what was going on with my body (more on this soon), and wedding updates, but all the nerves, decision-making, the pandemic, and watching as the world protested for the rights of Black people and womxn’s rights took me off track. Possibly, out of body for a while, staying safe and cozy in my home. Then out of my mind with fear of my personal health journey choice, concern for my fellow Americans, and distress over all the loss and hate that was spreading all around our nation, and the world.

I have avoided political in my life discourse because I often felt I didn’t have much ground to stand on. I rarely follow the news, and I’m not much for researching and staying up on all topics that are of concern to others. However, when I see anyone being abused, harassed, demeaned, or discriminated against, I find myself quickly angered. There is a fiery protector of a woman within me that I have kept quiet the majority of my life, and she will no longer be kept quiet.

I come from a very comfortable, white, middle-class upbringing, with very little religious influence. My parents both (separately – they divorced when I was about 7-8, it’s hard to remember) attended non-denominational, Christian based churches while I was growing up, and I was not required by them to attend. Throughout my adulthood I have never had a practice of going to church, but I do believe I habitually practice what is preached: be kind to your neighbor, help others when they are in need, or…

do unto others as you would have them do unto you

luke 6:31

Unfortunately, this year we have seen a lot of misguided anger, deception, and efforts to control people in this country that represent the opposite of these words of equity. I am furious for our Black neighbors, for our Hispanic neighbors, for Asians and Native Americans and South Asians alike, as well as for the 120 million Americans currently relying on the Affordable Care Act for fear we all have of the loss of benefits. It seems there are currently many White Men and Women in power who have been trying to take away from the majority to line their own already gilded pockets. They distributed relief money to large corporations during this pandemic when millions of individuals have lost their jobs, healthcare, and homes.

I am grateful to live in a democratic country where we the people elect our leaders on a regular basis, and have the right to peacefully protest when change is needed. This is not something I take for granted, especially not after the last four years, but I am deeply concerned for the change in our government (or lack there of), now that I am more aware of the current stat

I am worried we are no longer so much a democracy, but that we have morphed into a Capitalist society. In my experience, if you ask your friend, family member, or neighbor what they believe is wrong with politics today – whether they are a democrat, republican, or independent – they will likely tell you there is too much money in politics. Or to put it more simply, as my fiancé says, “both sides are corrupt.” And the truth is evident in all the political fundraising we’re asked to contribute to, lobbyists at the capital wooing senators and representatives, and Super-PAC entities funding politicians for causes or corporations. Legislation appears to help big money get bigger, and leaves we the people, the majority of the population, the 99%, faring worse and worse financially year after year.

America was founded with a goal to move forward and Progress. Through inventive practices, machines, and dreams to achieve a better life, economy, and nation. Currently, we seem to be drifting back to a new kind of aristocracy, exactly the thing we left behind when coming to this land.

I hope, over the next four years and beyond, we can come together as a nation and government to make changes for the people of this nation. I find myself in an awakened state and look forward to continuing to fight for equality of BIPOC, womxn, and healthcare availability for all.

Because kindness matters.
Healthcare for all matters.
What we do and say matters.

And I’m done sitting on the sidelines.

I’ll share more some of the actions I am taking to continue to put effort into making positive changes (in myself, and outwardly) for progress and equality. Look for that post coming soon.

What are you passionate about changing in yourself or in the world?

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