American Values

So, how are you all doing? Are you sleeping? Still stress carbo-loading? (I have been, and made brownies this week, and am now enjoying a 3 day juice cleanse…) Have you made time to do the things that bring you some peace or joy like getting out for a walk, taking a bath, cleaning the kitchen, baking your favorite cookies, making a really good meal, getting your favorite take-out (and supporting that local restaurant you love), or simply sitting down with a good book for thirty minutes to let your mind be at ease for a small amount of time? If nothing else, take fifteen seconds right now, to slowly breathe in for a count of five, hold for one, out for five, and repeat… 

That’s better, I feel so much more grounded, now. Thank you for doing that with me.

We’re nearly two weeks post-election, and although there is a clear President elect, the distress over not knowing what will happen next is ever-present in the chilly, fall air. Our democratic process seems to be under attack from within the White House, and while country leaders from around the world have acknowledged and congratulated Mr. Joe Biden as President elect, members of the Republican party are continuing to “stand back” keeping themselves out of fire from an already upset President, while supporters of both parties either protest or party in the streets. (And there goes all my relaxation…)

This whole experience of voting is so completely different this year, and watching half the nation acknowledge the media-called results, while the other half yells for a recount and claims voter fraud, is incredibly disheartening. 

We are so divided, and this bisection of the American people is an achievement made by parties who want to push differences over similarities to sew deeper division in our country in order to further their causes. We have begun to associate values and beliefs with absolutes on each side, blue or red. But the truth is, there is no one color to define any person, and our beliefs and values only directly impact our own lives, unless we force them upon others.

But if your beliefs include controlling someone else’s body, rights, peaceable actions, or changing their values, that is not a belief, but a need to control. And no one has the right to control another person.

We need to come back to a common purpose. I’m not saying we need common values and beliefs – those vary and are what make being an American so unique. We can be of different backgrounds, origins, religions, and skin color. We will never all think or want to live in the same fashion, but we can all work toward the common goal of freedom and liberty for all


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  1. Timothy Rice says:

    No stress cargo loading here, Alaina! Down 35 pounds from a year ago and been dealing with the post-election stress by trolling fascist sycophants on Twitter and supporting progressive senate candidates. 2021 will be better when all the seditionist talk dies down.

    May your holidays and new year be fulfilling and full of optimism and good health.

    1. Alaina says:

      Oh, dear, Tim, sounds like you’ve been busy! 🙂 I’m looking forward to getting into the swing of 2021.

      I hope you have a lovely holiday, and the new year brings great optimism & joy to you.

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