One Last Post & Whimsical Beginnings

You’re probably wondering what this title means.
You’re thinking “hasn’t Alaina been saying she’s going to do more here? That she wants to write and share more with us? What does she mean by ‘one last post’???”

I know. I’ve been making a lot of changes, jumping from here to there, and starting over … a lot.

In fact, I’ve made so many changes, there has been hardly any progress! Well, that’s not quite true. It’s hard to see progress, for sure, but I can absolutely tell you there have been many changes – inside my body & mind & daily schedule – over the last two years that have spurred a kind of momentum in me which will take me somewhere, unknown to me at this point in time, but definitely in some kind of trajectory forward.

And that is what I have been looking for alllll along. Forward momentum.

You know when you choose to do something because it feels like the right thing to do – maybe what you used to do a lot of and people really liked it from you, so you think it maybe kinda sorta should be your “thing”? That was my life as “Clean Eats Happy Feets” creator. I wanted to satisfy my friends and family (and my earlier self) who liked all the clean food content I was sharing. But the truth is, I don’t create recipes per se. I make food – with ingredients available – from a healthy grocery list – and I don’t measure anything. And you know what I found out?

I don’t like having to measure things – I’d rather just dump/chop/add to my heart’s delight, and then, quite simply, eat the food.

Apparently, intuitive eating is a practice I have had for a very long time. One that probably started with self-soothing and sugar laden bread products. But now, I have “grown up” tastebuds and enjoy asparagus & pickled beets and other “sophisticated” flavors, rather than powdered sugar & butter “frosting” on graham crackers.

So, despite enjoying making food, I can’t (and won’t) commit to being a source of recipes for you. I just don’t like doing it. You can expect an occasional recipe from me. When baking something that requires measuring, and I remember to write it down, there will infrequently be a shared gluten-free recipe here.

On that note, I followed my favorite dutch oven bread recipe a couple days ago, substituting gluten free 1-to-1 flour (and measuring properly) to find that I had to add an extra cup of water to mix the dough, and ended up with an epic fail of crusty bread with gooey insides even after cooking the bread an extra 25 minutes. I’m sure I can make it work, but it will require higher temperatures and longer cook times, and I’m not up to it after having to toss a day’s lost bread. Someday, I’ll share that recipe, when it’s edible. But definitely not anytime soon.

So, here’s what’s happening. I’m saying goodbye to “Clean Eats Happy Feets,” leaving behind, and have moved to Whimsy by Alaina. Why the change? Because more than anything else, I love sharing my thoughts with you, hoping to share some insight or small wisdom that can help you on your way through life or a project (or, occasionally, a recipe!). And, I’m moving to focus more on my creative pursuits (which of course, will include writing stories on the internet to share).

I love creating – art, sewing, up cycling furniture, and I want to do more of those things. It didn’t feel right to move in that direction under Clean Eats Happy Feets – creativity didn’t jive, so for that small reason, I was completely stuck. Or I allowed myself to be stuck because, as Shakespeare so eloquently asked us to ponder “what’s in a name?” Now, new name and goals in place, I’ve just finished a portrait, and have completed two paintings this month so far, as well as started a sewing project for my nieces, and that feels really good.

I am inviting you to join me on this new journey. I decided to move the posts that existed here to the new site, if for no other reason than, to save my work in one location. So you’ll find all that previous content still available. I love being able to look back at recipes, and in this process learned that they have changed quite a bit (might be some updates coming to those in the somewhat near future)! Reading through my thoughts from a year ago, I realized I have made some major changes, and surprise-surprise, did not get married last year, nor have I worked on my wedding dress. My oh my, how time (and a pandemic) changes our priorities.

So, please come check out Whimsy by Alaina (there’s a new post going up tomorrow), and if you’d like to stay in touch sign up for my new newsletter.

Thanks for spending time with me, here! I hope we meet again, soon.


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