Hi, I’m Alaina.

I am a conservation advocate (reduce, reuse, recycle!), and rarely buy anything new. As an avid thrifter, estate sale junkie, and craigslist connoisseur, I would venture to guess more than 85% of my worldly goods are second-hand.

I have always loved baking, and want to share with you the simple recipes I create to replace my favorites from BGFL (Before Gluten Free Life). Also, I’m excited to help you re-create any recipe you loved before you gave up “regular baked goods”. Send me a message with a recipe you’d like me to create a gluten-free solution for here.

While my blogging adventure started as a way to hold myself accountable to a running practice, I realized the amount of joy that writing brings me is what keeps me coming back to the keyboard. On these pages you will find most of my running adventures, exploration of food, healthy eating, and musings on life. Here I continue my journey, with a little less grit, while maintaining exuberance, and enjoying a lot more creativity. I hope what you find here can bring a smile, a laugh, some enjoyment, or inspiration.

I love connecting with like-minded kindred spirits.

Please feel free to shoot me your question, comment, or even simply

How I Got Here

The past decade of my life has been a deep exploration of self

I have tested my limits in training for (and completing) a 50k, certifying as a 200RYT yoga teacher, becoming a Reiki Master, studying to be a wellness coach, taking years of voice lessons, and much experimentation with diet (due to an unintentional discovery of gluten issues over a decade ago). On this journey of self-discovery, I have given up gluten, committed to consuming organic foods as much as possible, partnered with CSA’s, started home gardening, and have (mostly) eliminated processed sugar by shopping for whole foods and baking with fruits. 

In the last three years, I quit the corporate job (which I thought would be my place of employment until I retired), sold my car, got engaged, relocated my life, and have been working on all things artistic (including home renovations) since arriving in my new hometown, and in our new (older) home.

Finding time to make my purpose my passion (writing, creating, sharing what I have learned with all those intrigued enough to cross this page) has proved more challenging than I knew possible. I have finally committed to making this way of life a practice, and I hope you find as much value as I do peace in sharing this process.


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