Favorites that make every-day life better (and easier):

Skin-Care & Make-Up:

Taking care with what we put on our skin matters just as much as what we put inside our bodies.
I personally rarely wear make up, however, when I need to “look polished” these are the products I reach for: 

Roots & Crowns Cocoa Dust

This is so delicious in coffee on cold days, and offers a little more boost to my step … LOVE!

Roots & Crowns Wide Awake: Eye Serum

I have never loved putting on eye serum more than I do using this coffee bean enhanced (delicious smelling) roll-on!

Roots & Crowns Protector: Roll-On Immune-Protecting Body Oil

Great for cold season, and I personally love the scent of cloves and cinnamon so much I wear this year-round.

Roots & Crowns Winter: Perfectly Tinted Lip Color

Beautiful and hydrating, this color is PERFECT: deep rose-maroon color. Layer for a deeper hue, or use a light application for a whisper of a bite.

Beautycounter: Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation

Light and natural-looking foundation that provides light-full coverage. I like shade: Linen.

Beautycounter: Voumizing Mascara

Mascara has always been a challenge, but this one is itch-less, EWG Verified, and makes my eyes Pop! 

Other Important things that make my life easier:

Branch Basics - Starter Kit

I have replaced almost all of the cleaning products in my home with just this one product. The Starter Kit has everything you need for cleaning your home, doing laundry, and washing your hands and body!

Danielle LaPorte: The Desire Map Book

This book of deep, self-exploration was an instrumental step toward creating the life I now have: a life I love. If you have yet to work through Danielle Laporte’s guide to learn what really does ring true for You, I highly recommend you do. *Results and learnings may be life-changing!

PetSafe 5 Meal Pet Feeder

This contraption saved my relationship with my cat! Emma now waits for this magic tool to rotate with her meal (rather than waking me at 4am). So Forever Grateful!


Yes, I have favorites, have learned what works best in my body (and yes, occasionally I will indulge in less than perfect foods. It’s ok, and humans to do so. Everything in moderation!), and where to find the things I’m looking for on the daily. This list will be based on the Pacific Northwest (specifically Oregon) stores and readily available foods.

*Some products may be affiliate links, and we may make a small commission when you purchase a product with our link.
Please know we only recommend products we love and use on a regular basis. ♥

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