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Skin-Care & Make-Up:

Taking care with what we put on our skin matters just as much as what we put inside our bodies.
I personally rarely wear make up, however, for skin-care (and the occasion for lip color) this is what I reach for: 

Awake Eye Serum from Roots & Crowns
I have never loved putting on eye serum more than I do using this coffee bean enhanced (delicious smelling) roll-on!
Wild Rose Facial Oil from Mountain Rose Herbs
This facial oil feels luxurious, and the scent reminds me of something I adored from my childhood. Love it!
Ginseng Eye Creme from Landia Skincare
In an effort to make those eye crinkles more mild, I have been using this eye creme for a short while, and I am noticing a difference. The scent is great, and this works!
Lemongrass Shampoo Bar from Granny Smith Natural Skin Care
I love the wonderful uplifting scent of this shampoo bar. Simple to use, easy on my hair.
Winter” Perfectly Tinted Lip Balm from Roots & Crowns
Beautiful and hydrating, this color is PERFECT: deep rose-maroon color. Layer for a deeper hue, or use a light application for a whisper of a bite.
Skin Cream from Mountain Rose Herbs
I use this nightly and love the lavender for the relaxing sensation that accompanies the scent. I am currently enjoying the rose cream because I’m a sucker for anything Rose. Keep this in your fridge – the organic, real ingredients will keep longer and you’ll love the feel of cool cream after a washing your face at night with a warm washcloth.
Lavender Deodorant from Granny Smith Natural Skin Care
This deodorant is free of any bad or weird ingredients, smells lovely, and actually WORKS!
Protector” Roll on Perfume from Roots & Crowns
Great for cold season, and I personally love the scent of cloves and cinnamon so much I wear this year-round.
Rose Hydrosol from Mountain Rose Herbs
Authentic rose – I love the scent of this hydrosol. I mix this (1:1) with witchazel and make my own toner. The Best.
Bee’s Wax Lip Balm from Granny Smith Natural Skin Care
I admit, I’m past those “prime” years of wrinkle-free eyes and smiles. This serum smells amazing, and while a lightweight product, it packs a powerful punch to minimize lines, and even out skin tone. So. Good.

Delicious Beverage Choices

As you may have read, RASA, a coffee alternative, has changed my life. I wake up with energy, no longer relying on caffeine to get me going, and am feeling none of the 2pm slow down that used to be my daily reality. Sustainably sourced, ethically packaged (in compostable bags!), this delicious, dark drink has wonderful adaptogens and herbs are my new daily go-to. I love the Cacao RASA… I feel like I’m drinking a treat each morning I choose it!
If you’re new to no coffee, I recommend trying the Energy Reset – this combo of flavors (and the 12 day program) helped me get to coffee freedom!
Cocao Dust from Roots & Crowns is filled with all the good things to help lift the mood and keep the energy up in your system. I’ll add this to my morning brew with a little nut milk, and I know I’m starting my day off on the right foot. Cocoa Dust is so delicious in on cold days, and offers a little more boost to my step … LOVE!

Life changing books

Eule Planner is the planner I didn’t know I always wanted. This planner is super helpful for scheduling, planning social media and blog posting, as well as all your normal daily & weekly to-do’s. I adore the section in the back that helps you plan your weeks, newsletters, blog posts, and track so many things. It’s brilliant!

This book of deep, self-exploration was an instrumental step toward creating the life I now have: a life I love. If you have yet to work through Danielle Laporte’s guide to learn what really does ring true for You, I highly recommend you do. *Results and learnings may be life-changing!

Clean Living


Branch Basics

I have replaced ALL of the cleaning products I use in my home (except those I make from food based ingredients) with just this one product. The Starter Kit has everything you need for cleaning your home, doing laundry, and washing your hands and body! I love that it is odorless, and cleans everything from spills to old pit stains (yes! Seriously!) to granite countertops. It’s the best. (Click this link to save $10 on Branch Basics)

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